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by Tania Shipman on November 29, 2011

As a blogger, I love comments.  Comments on my site means that someone has read my blog and thought enough about it to make a comment.  As an ethical blogger, I also post comments on sites that I have enjoyed reading so they also know what I think about their posts.

I have to tell you about a new free search engine CommentLuv Enabled Global Blog Search that has been developed by the creator of CommentLuv, Andy Bailey. CommentLuv Premium is awesome and if you don’t have it, run and get it right now.  If you already have it or its little brother, the free version of CommentLuv, you should start using the Blog Search.

CommentLuv Blog Search is really easy to get.  All you need to do is provide your email address which is not a lot to “pay” and you get access to a very powerful search.

When you click on the image below, or the link above, you  will be taken to the search site and asked to enter in your email address.  There is a double optin to make sure you wanted to do this, however, who wouldn’t want to because this is awesome.

After you have opted in, you can now use the Blog Search.  Enter in any keyword and watch the CommentLuv Global Blog Search find blogs that you can comment on.  Commenting on blogs should only be done if you like the post and because you want to comment.  Just posting for back links is not ethical and should not be done.  If you like the post, then commenting is a thank you for the blogger writing a post you enjoyed.

I did a search on convection oven.  I own a convection oven and I have a convection oven website.  I like to see what others are writing in my niche and see what they are passionate about.  After I entered in a search word, I can find out who has written about my interest.

I like commenting on posts and with my new CommentLuv Enabled Global Blog Search I can easily find sites I expect to have good posts on.  How many times have you done a google search for something to find all the top searches are not what you wanted?  With this Search, I can find sites that have CommentLuv comments enabled and that usually means better quality posts.

I really have to thank Andy Bailey for developing this Blog Search as I’m using it every day.  Thanks Andy :D

Let me know what you think of this and if you intend to use it.

Tania Shipman
Loves to Blog, Loves to Teach, Learn with Me

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